1. Truth
Drew & Associates is founded on the simple concept that the truth saves us time and money when we are in dangerous situations.  Consequently, we place a high value on truth whatever the consequences of that decision might be for ourselves and others.

2. Compliance
Drew & Associates works on the basis of proven templates and checklists that save time and money.  Compliance with these documents focuses our attention on the most crucial leverage points where investments of time and money will produce the most favorable results.

3. Decisiveness
Drew & Associates believes that one of the most underrated skills is decisiveness.  As Frederick the Great wrote: “It is better to make a bad decision and implement it on the spot than to make no decision at all.”

4. Listen to Our Client’s Pain
Drew & Associates exists to relieve suffering among our clients.  Consequently, we listen carefully to their comments and ask uncomfortable questions to uncover the painful spots in our client’s lives.  On this basis, we develop innovative, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions that make a historic difference in our client’s lives and their communities.

5. Implement the Latest Technology
Drew & Associates is a leader in the application of new technologies, technologies that improve grant writing, fundraising and management processes.  We strive to remain current in terms of the newest technology by attending appropriate conferences, reading the most important journals in our field, and publishing our own ideas and research so that we remain relevant to the needs of our clients.

6. Documentation of Ideas and Systems
Drew & Associates is sensitive to the limits of life and the fragileness of human existence.  Consequently, much of our effort is focused on getting into print useful ideas which will produce the optimal results for individuals and organizations.  Drew & Associates maintains detailed policy and procedure manuals that document each element of its business.  This way, Drew & Associates is designed to be of value centuries from now as new grant writers and non-profit leaders learn and apply our techniques.

7. Positive Attitude
Drew & Associates is impressed with the practical value of a positive attitude.  We think a positive attitude allows a person to face crisis situations with a more balanced perspective and to more easily access a broader range of relevant solutions.

8. Flexible and Teachable
By the nature of its philosophy, Drew & Associates needs the full participation of those who pride themselves on mental flexibility and their willingness to quickly learn new techniques that make sense and improve the lives of others.  Drew & Associates is meant to stretch the human imagination and does not have time to deal with the folks who fall into the unwilling and unskilled category.

9. Hit Deadlines, Keep Promises
Drew & Associates believes that good timing is the secret of success in life.  Consequently, it is extremely important for Drew & Associates to be a management consulting firm that meets its deadlines and keeps its promises.  We use deadlines to focus our attention and to encourage a sense of decisiveness which leads to creative and original problem solving under stressful circumstances.

10. Fearless, Independent
New, original ideas shake things up.  We believe the natural temptation is to allow clients to remain in their dysfunctional states and to continue ineffective processes simply because change seems so painful.  Drew & Associates believes that progress comes from the “unreasonable” man.  The unreasonable man is the sort of person who cannot stand inefficiency and mismanagement as a matter of empathy.  Drew & Associates is not afraid to stand up against social pressures that stand in the way of telling the truth.  In addition, Drew & Associates is willing to travel and be active in hostile environments, environments which require advanced training, superior language skills and careful attention to security.

11. Be a Team Player
Drew & Associates is not a collection of lone wolves.  Instead, we work together as an efficient team to keep consulting fun, to develop creative new ideas, and to leverage individual talents.  Team players know the rules, understand their culture, and place the interests of the group ahead of their individual interests.

12. Read and Apply Our Own Ideas
The Drew & Associates’ philosophy is meant to be an all encompassing moral code that informs every aspect of our lives – public and private.  At Drew & Associates, we study up on our own ideas, apply them where they are appropriate, and demonstrate their power through their impact on our own lives.

In a very real sense, each of these core values are mutually supportive in a way that helps define and clarify both the adventurousness and overwhelming effectiveness of Drew & Associates as a problem solving consulting business.  As Dr. Drew likes to say in his workshops, we follow the heroic philosophy of life which teaches “you can have everything you want if you are willing to give everything you’ve got.”