Dr. Drew

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an author, trainer, speaker and consultant. Starting in 2009, Dr. Drew’s techniques have assisted Coast Community College District (CCCD) in winning $2.5 million in grants. Since 2013, he has raised $1.9 million for the Rancho Santiago Community College District (RSCCD). Dr. Drew has been a leader in raising productivity in the non-profit arena, in establishing new charities to meet modern challenges, and in advocating the abolition of child labor as a solution to global poverty through his own charity, Pathway to Prosperity. Dr. Drew has taught at Cornell University, Hope International University, University of Oregon, and Williams College.

Elizabeth J. Connor

Elizabeth is a skilled grant writer who has helped raise over $5 million in grant funding for schools and other non-profit organizations. She has a background in senior services management. She is a gifted writer who goes the extra mile for our clients.

Michele Smith

Michele is a skilled grant researcher and prospect identification associate. Often, Michele is the first person that a client meets when they learn about Drew & Associates and the first person to represent the needs of the charity to the previously identified funder. She is polished and conscientious.

Pearl Rothman

Pearl Rothman has a diverse background working with small businesses, Fortune 1000 companies and non-profit organizations. She prides herself on recognizing the unique qualities of each organization and communicating these attributes vividly. When not writing, Pearl loves to cook and play tennis.

Dr. Drew's grant-writing consulting is characterized by his extraordinary confidence, his years of experience, and his careful workmanship.

About Dr. Drew

Dr. Drew is a native of Southern California. He attended Occidental College in Los Angeles on a track scholarship in 1975. While at Occidental he won a scholarship to study in Europe where he was first exposed to the horrors of the poverty associated with child labor. Later, he earned another scholarship to earn his Ph.D. in Government at Cornell University. Later, he taught politics, economics and leadership at Cornell University, Hope International University, University of Oregon, and Williams College. He is a published author on the topic of child welfare and protective programs. Dr. Drew remains active in political and economic matters by contributing articles to American Thinker, David Horowitz’s Front Page Magazine and PJMedia. To wind down from grant writing, Dr. Drew enjoys walking, studying foreign languages and acrylic painting. He and his wife, Patricia Drew, live in Laguna Niguel CA where he serves on the board of directors of his Del Prado HOA. He and Trish enjoy travel so much that they have adopted two imaginary Cavillier King Charles Spaniels, Charlie and Charlotte. “In our home,” he says, “even the imaginary dogs are real.”


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